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    HAPPENING NOW: House Oversight Civil Rights & Human Services Subcommittee holds a hearing on “Kids in Cages: Inhumane Treatment at the Border.” #FoxNews
      • Amazingly, no one dared to mention how the USA has been interfering in other nations affairs… including toppling their own elected officials in order to overtake and exploit their resources… to get control over a nation it uses a variety of avenues such: placing SANCTIONS, COORDINATING COUP, MISINFORMATION, AND SAD TO SAY EVEN ACCESSING TO WAR.
        Is the USA acting on its own? Hardly; for then, one must remember the cooperation that exist to the so called “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY”. It sad to see how some desperate individuals and/or nations reach out to them and the United Nations… but, has it yield positive results?
        One must then ask to individuals in Nations such Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya which tried to help themselves and others, South American nations… does any remember the chaos created nation after nation?
        …now, if this things going on… as the ones brought forth in above video, how is it possible for even its own populace from within whose homelessness and so on… could they expect to receive any pity? If so… FROM WHERE???