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    …he will repeat it English as well.
      • VIDEO: “Trump administration is trying to fabricate a war on Venezuela” – Permanent Representative
        United Nations
        Published on Aug 6, 2019
        Following US President Donald Trump executive order banning Americans individuals and entities from doing business with Venezuela, Ambassador Samuel Moncada today (6 Aug) said the Trump administration is “trying to fabricate a war on Venezuela.”

        Moncada said Trump’s “racist administration” has announced “a total economic embargo against Venezuela as we have never seen in our history.”

        He said the US administration is “freezing all economic assets in US territory, but more than that, they are threatening coercive measures.”

        The Venezuelan Ambassador said “Venezuela is not a threat to anyone. And the United States is fabricating this aggression just to take the oil.”

        He noted that US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, “is already proposing a plan to rearrange Venezuela after they topple our government.”

        Moncada said, “it’s a plan made in Washington, written in Washington, thought out in Washington, to impose to Venezuela after they topple the Venezuelan government. It is an imperial plan, and it’s a colonial plan.”

        He said, “You could accept sanctions from a legal or legitimate authority, but they are not an authority over Venezuela, they are attacking Venezuela with economic measures, economic warfare, and more than economic warfare, economic terrorism.”

        Trump’s executive order freezes Venezuela’s assets in the United States and except for specific exemptions, prohibits economic transactions with Venezuela.