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    • Plus… she is getting the word out in regards to BAYER’S MEDICATIONS – to be watchful and hopes that AMLO also “AMLO keep a good eye” on it as well.

        • “Based on a study carried out or by the University of Guadalajara , 200 children and adolescents from Jalisco urinate pesticides due to a product developed by Bayer and which is used by cucumber [ CUCUMBER PRODUCERS] producers in a field in Autlán, attached to a telesecundaria.

          In the blood and urine of the children were found molinate, picloran and glisofato, chemical carcinogens, especially the latter considered the most poisonous, which is made by Bayer.

          Alejandro Aarón Peregrina Lucano , professor of that house of studies, announced that the possibility of filing a lawsuit in favor of the victims is being studied so that Monsanto is responsible for the 200 children and adolescents.” (from article)