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    About “eating babies” and not enough time to fix the problem; perhaps, that politician also “biting” the being spread…well, they are no idiots! Fastening the pace is what is left because… the awakening has been speed up and this system… is running out time!
    …and that is no imagination or joke It actually is
    at leas it is to me

            Could more “approved miracles” be expected? Is this the beginning of “THE WORK OF WONDERS” and how many among aaaaaaaaaall my brothers and sisters are willing to eat the DECEIT ‘we’ were forewarned long ago?

            …as for me is concern, HEEEEEEEEELL NO! Sorry, very tired already of all the splattering and eating passed for Sure looking forward to a NEW DAY AND AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL RESTING PLACE… A NEW BEGINNING with aaaaaaaaall my brothers and sisters… a chance to know them and play together… keep learning good things and sharing and… and… so many lovely things

              No, no, no

              DO NO BE MISLED… REMEMBER THE EXODUS AND THE 10 PLAGUES? All this was recorded for our benefit and protection!

              • The “BAR ASSOCIATION”? Is it not the BAR = BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF REGISTRY? What are Britain’s cronies doing in the USA protecting “CROWN GOODIES”?
                So, what happen to the “republic” and “Independence” from Britain? Oh that’s right, Britain has as much “independence” as the CROWN OWNER desires to grant.
                The so called CROWN OWNER = A WANNABE god over the Earth…