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    LIVE It is possible to start viewing from the beginning
    VIDEO: “Ceremonia del Primer Año de Gobierno 2018-2019”
    [Celebration of AMLO’s First Year of Government 2018-2019] He will present the report to the nation.
    Music, Folklore Dances, then, the report. Perhaps the celebration may continue after the report as well.

        • Oh yes, sorry… forgot to mention that AMLO’s OPPOSITION has also planned a protest simultaneously. Not surprising at all since many among us are already aware of the existing “forces” behind working to TAKE HIS GOVERNMENT DOWN.

          Also, the idea of PLACING TWO POPULATION GROUPS AT ADDS TO ONE ANOTHER, HAS BEEN USED BEFORE – the aim is to create violence and destabilization to ANY GIVEN NATION.

          Doubt it? A takes very little effort in researching history to find out

            • …indeed, with soooooo much going on and continuing to unfold in Mexico… sure can see why a good reason to celebrate and rejoice