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    VIDEO: “Education’s Dark Secrets – GREAT Documentary! – “Thralldom Based”

            • Therefore, the idea of THE 6 WEEKS “MATERNITY LEAVE” OR 10 WEEKS GIVEN TO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES (as Ivanka recently announced, being that the fed is one of the largest employers, which by the way, IT DOES NOT USE ITS OWN FIAT MONEY to pay its employees) it truly has an origin.
              However, it does not end there of course, because, has it not been tried lately the “idea” of GOVERNMENT WANTING TO “SHARE = CLAIM” A 50 / 50 RIGHTS OF PARTNERSHIP-PARENTAL CUSTODY Of course it has

              What is also true is the approach taken as to the emphasis given to “get an education”, however, not much is said about THE OVERWHELMING LIFETIME DEBT ACQUIRED THAT MAY CONTINUE BEYOND AN INDIVIDUAL’S DEATH… THE POSSIBILITY FOR THIS DEBT TO BE INHERITED BY A FAMILY MEMBER; PARENT OR THEIR OWN FUTURE CHILDREN.

              Quite an awesome deal, little is left to wonder as to the reasons for fighting the continuance and perpetuity of preserving POWER

              • Let us remember… that the starting of “school age ready” has already been dropped from Kindergarten = 5 years to the starting TENDER AGE OF 3 = PRESCHOOL.
                Of course this could have never been accomplished without THE WOMAN’S LIBERATION agenda which took the mother out of home… to become a “wage earner”. Which of course, it only made prices = higher inflation paid for “goods”… INCREASE! However, it was A MILESTONE ACCOMPLISHED ON BEHALF OF THE AGENDA SET FORTH.

                • Does it not… to anyone out-there… come to mind the words spoken by a MASON? It goes something like this: Give me a child to train from his/her tender years to 8 years old and he/she WILL NEVER DEPART HIS WAYS.

                  …nothing has been left to chance, has it

                    VIDEO: ” Sept 2015 Shocking Preview of Our Education system and it’s intent for us! Thralldom Based Education”

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                    I have edited a preview section of a documentary that almost noone even knows about… It should raise the questions of ….What are our kids being taught in School? What is the real purpose behind the educational system? This preview of an amazing documentary Called “Thralldom-Based Education ” is scary and true. Historical evidence of systematic indoctrination.. sold as education. To steal kids away from their parents and control the way future generations think.

                    The 6 Purposes of School

                    1) The Adjustive function
                    (Establishing fixed habits of reaction to authority)

                    2) The Integrating Function
                    (Conformity – To make everyone as alike as possible)

                    3) The Directive Function
                    (To Diagnose your proper social role and logg the evidence,communicate to others to keep you functioning, ONLY in the boundaries set for your role)

                    4) The Differentiating Function
                    (To not allow you to raise above the requirements of your level of classification)

                    5) The Selective Function (Darwinism’s “Natural Selection” (originally named “Preservation of The Favored Races” -Breeding quality.. Preventing the poorer qualities from interbreeding.. labeling… encouraging shallowness.. Dumbing down encouraged.

                    6) The Propaedeutic Function
                    (To continue this social form.. Selective people will be trained that they were the custodians of this system)

                    Most people do not realize this is why Darwinism is preached so hard core in the education system… Darwin did not come up with the ideas he believed in (That’s another historic story).

                    This is preparing people for the one world agenda.. This is in line with Agenda 21… We have been apart of a Social experiment that they have been perfecting for centuries… from the philosophies of the fathers of Atheism to modern day politics and now even infiltrating Private schools subtly and infested into movies, commercials, radio and even the advertising of the foods we eat… Check the History for yourself…