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    “Cuomo Calls For ‘Split Ventilators’ Experiment Due To Severe Shortage | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC”


                  • …meantime, the fiat is “flying out the window” and the needed supplies for which the populous was and still being told… “is coming, is coming, is coming” don’t worry we are prepared and all is under control.

                    Oh the irony… is it not?

                    • “NY Gov Andrew Cuomo rips Feds: “What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?”

                      IT COMES TO MIND: “…NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS…” does anyone remember?

                      • …how about, “…money is the root of all evil…”
                        Something to really think about it, because, when anyone “trails” the fiat… weeeeeeell…
                        • INTERESTING how the talking about “TWO INDIVIDUALS HAD TO SHARE ONE VENTILATOR”… to… there were 15,000 in a warehouse he did not know about and the one who “deliver” didn’t bother telling?
                          Yeap… interesting, because “SOME” definitely was able to hear the URGENCY but unable to TELL at the time of the equipment delivery?

                          mmmm… fishy, stinky fishy…

                          • There is however one more curious thing that perhaps someone can help recall for us all with better info, meaning, let someone “dig it out”… just for the purpose to “see” IF it makes sense.

                            Does anyone remembers when “the chief” didn’t care as to being tested? Then after a “big push” in particular from that one reporter from PBS and others who followed up… then on a posting dating back to March 14, he announced he had done it the day before? MMMMMM… right. However, let’s see… if he did it… let’s assumed it was sometime on 13 which would have been the day before, then, on the 14 it was said it was done… it seems that day after he announced “he was clear”. That is interesting because…

                            • …was it not also he has talked about some sort of MACHINES THAT WOULD MAKE TESTING FASTER? Because, if, remember correctly… IT WAS ALSO EXPLAINED AS TO HOW THIS “MACHINES” WOULD WORK.

                              But… it is also curious to me how the TAKING OF DNA SAMPLES are taken ever so similar! It just take a swab and violah!!!

                              Why all this seems worth “DIGGING” for just a bit, just to “see” or know or EVEN JUST FOR SEPARATING LIES AND TRUTH… EVEN WHEN TRUTH MAY APPEAR TO BE A “LITTLE MUDDY”… THE SORTING OF GARBAGE AND …weeeeeell… it just seem to abound, does it not?
                              In short… just because a diamond is muddy when found on a raw state, is anyone willing to throw it out or discard it before taking a “a good look” at it?

                              …it would depend on the individual making the choice = conclusion; right?
                              …as for me is concern… it is no harm IF the self decides to stop and question whatever it is at hand. It is just part of the process of learning NOT TO PLACE MY TRUST ON JUST ANYONE


                                Let us start a new thread…