• Free wrote on Mirriebee's Wall 2 years, 4 months ago

    @mirriebee Hi Bee! How’s it going Down Under?:joint:

    • Free 🙂 Long time..I am good thanks, and how are you. I am not here often, am having computer issues..2 dead fans and waiting for son in law to visit to here he will next month. hehehe Must let you know to my email has been compromised so I haven’t been able to get into it for months, so if you have emailed me.. I didn’t get it. So good to see you again, have been thinking alot about you <3

      • Sorry bee…Ive had some break down issues myself. My central heat and air, plumbing, car and a bunch of little things. I even closed the hood of my car on my cellphone, not once but 3 times. I know, how the he’ll does anyone do that? Well..I put my phone on a ledge just under the hood while I removed the battery charger, not wanting to lay it on the ground and risk forgetting and stepping on it. I thought it much better to forget it and slam the hood on it. The hood wouldn’t close…sooo I kept trying.