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    Man Unable to Speak, Walk, See or Breathe Days After Getting Flu Shot – NewsWars.

    • …F#%ck the vaccines!

      Do you realize that MASS MIGRATION is a way to coverup EUGENICS population control? That is right, the world’s population is not increasing but DECREASING. Want proof? Well… let’s take trumps words for starters, “we need workers”. Why? Because, the so called baby boomers did not have enough BIRTHS to replaced them at their RETIRE OLD AGE; got it? And… just because there are recorded births, it does not mean that every child is fully able to develop and exercise their full potential since many births are born with disabilities and/or become disable with so many shots… medicine. Needless to mention the out of control contamination of LAND, WATER with government knowledge – does Flint Michigan rings a bell? and let’s not forget AIR. Land in the Middle East has affected births as well. Nooooooo, this is not about BLACK VS. WHITE or “whites” being reduced in population. This is about PRESERVING THE PRIVILEGED ONES AND PRESERVING JUST ENOUGH SLAVES TO SERVE THEM.


      Plus, what is done NATIONWIDE (any nation) is being accomplished WORLDWIDE. That is, while the nation become less “people” of their own and forced to move to megacities, REGULAR MIGRATION on the move… will VACATE MOST LAND AND AT THE END, THE GEORGIA STONES PERPETUAL POPULATION BE FULLY ACCOMPLISHED AND IN PLACE via the distribution of the world’s population AMONG THE 10 “KINGS”/REGIONS for which our Home-Earth has been divided.

      • Grimnir… feel free to take down my comment, sorry for being long winded. I know my words may be sensitive. No hard feelings, take it down after reading it.