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      Why is it NOT consider TREASON due to the fact that the pledge is going against our own nation = DELIVERS PUNISHMENT while PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF A FOREIGN NATION… is it not what TREASON is all about One for which other individuals in the past were HANG AND/OR LOST THEIR LIFE as a result.
      Now… lawmakers do the same but is the populace who gets PUNISHED for refusing to COMMIT TREASON AGAINST ITS OWN NATION
      REALLY and yet, they get “voted in” and paid with TAXPAYERS money to serve A FOREIGN NATION ALL WHILE CLAIMING AN “RECITING” AN OAT TO “SERVE AND PROTECT” MMMMMMMMMM… interesting times we’re living in… Yeap, and they get away with it

      “…two federal courts that have ruled on such bills have declared them to be unconstitutional violations of the First Amendment speech rights of American citizens.” (from article)