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          • VIDEO: “TruNews Special Report: New Mexico Sheriff Speaks Out on Epstein Zorro Ranch”

            If New Mexico’s constitution allows for its “CITIZEN GRAND JURY” petition for a case to be before THE JUDICIAL COURT, how many more states currently has it… which the populous is unaware of it? MINUTE 22:28 – 22:58

              • …and just thinking and remembering about the Arizona license plates talked about in regards to the vehicle parked at the “Zorro Ranch”… was it not in Arizona where the child-confinement alleged to be a holding for child trafficking? The one that had rope attach to a tree and children’s toys were found? It was found by Veterans patrolling looking for other homeless veterans.
                It for sure the story-report was quickly “buried”.

                Anyways… interesting, at least to me.

                  • VIDEO: “Underground bunker possibly used for human trafficking of children found in Tucson”

                    ANYONE REMEMBERS IT?