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    • VIDEO: “Ivanka Trump and Google commit to White House job training initiative”

      Heeeeeeeey… with GOOGLE AND IVANKA recruiting an army of 215, 000 job training, there is only so much CENSORING done… right?
      Wooooah, wait a minute! “… at El Centro community college in Dallas.”? Now that is interesting; could this have anything to do with the INSTALLATION OF THE INTERNET IN MEXICO expected to go in operation perhaps… by the end of this year and completed by the next year 2020

      MMMMMMM… good question!

        • “WFAA

          Google pledged Thursday to help train a quarter of a million people for technology jobs, adding its name to a White House initiative designed to get private companies to expand training opportunities for Americans.

          CEO Sundar Pichai announced the commitment during an appearance with White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump at El Centro community college in Dallas.”