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        • What a huge lesson coming from a once CHILD and now a young beautiful lady; perhaps is time for AAAAALL PARENTS… EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE, children do grow up… they are in fact the PARENTS OF TOMORROW. How we parents treat our babies/children today, the love shown, what things and behaviors learned from observing us do… will have an impact on their life.
          Oh yes, the “echoes” are hard to listen to it… but more importantly, once heard, can it help us parents come to our senses?

          Heck, the look on this young lady’s eyes… most certainly is undeniably a sad one. How true is the old saying: “Los ojos son el reflejo del alma”
          [“The eyes are a reflection of the soul”.]

          Brave young lady! Confronting her difficult feelings and emotions; sure hope she finds forgiveness and peace… so as to not miss her years ahead by reliving the nastiness of the past.

          Wishing her much love