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        • WOOOOOAH What are this ‘high-class’ citizens are trying to say… that a ‘wal-mart’ BLUE-LIGHT- SPECIAL is needed to track this “squiggle-wiggle”?
          RIDICULOUS! To end privacy… yes!!! To fight the bug; RIDICULOUS! Even though according to that sort of thinking places populations in the category of animals of burden… well, well, well

          However… there is this to think about:

          What an AMAZING TIMING indeed As the “close-LOVERS” who appear to be ‘jointed together by the hip’… GAAAAAAALY! SURE LEAVES MUCH TO THINK ABOUT; does it not?

          • …a dream come true; who needs “walls” when THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN BECOME A LAB! FILLED WITH “DISPOSABLE-ANIMALS”… who would had thought of it