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            • that is a very crappy program,,always was,always will be,,only the ill informed would use such fake security
                • Fake security is right. There is no such thing as computer security, not even at the level of govs… just an illusion given to the populations while all along it has been nothing more than making individuals to be trusty enough to collect and intensify DATA MINING AND EXPLOITATION OF INDIVIDUALS PERSONAL INFORMATION WHICH IS USED FOR POPULATION CONTROL AND PROFITEERING; NOT TO MENTION THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL EXPERIMENTATION.

                  Yes, internet can be useful tool, too bad so much SELFISHNESS persists to exist among us.

                    • a secure(per sa’) DNS does help with bugs,but not intrusions,,,,a custom made hosts file,does block the sites you choose,,that’s all i’ve used since 2005,plus the protection in my browsers,period —end of line–