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    HATE CRIME COURT with Steven Crowder and Owen Benjamin – 10min vid (my fav sub on jewtube)

  • I am glad that highimpactflix got their channel back.

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        Lisa Haven – This Is What I WARNED You About: Trump Issues Emergency THEN All Hell Breaks Loose! Civil War?
        (Her point is, Trump’s use of executive order allows any Commicrat that enters office the ability to declare what ever they want, gun grab, medikill for all, fake climate change taxation..)

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        I am using two social media sites, this one and gab. Should your new place gain a population, will give it another look.
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          I hear she is also broke, cant wait until she gets back on stage to shake her tits for dollars.
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            Germans Warn U S – Stop the Train of Horror, 2549b – 18min

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            I have listened to this speech before, it is very enlightening.
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              \”Took my rad meter with me on the flight to and from Hawaii, Big Island & Iowa, saw consistent readings both ways, 2,000 cpm over America mainland at 45k feet and 750 cpm over the ocean at 45k ft. using GM GMC300 Geiger Muller Counter. Ground readings vary from 8 to 20cpm. Have never seen a ground hot spot, naturally.\” – kdtroxel (my personal observation, return date 1/1/2019)

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              SGTreport – SEA CHANGE: 9/11 GRAND JURY EMPANELED

              • Yeap… we/you/I must remember that we are ONE BIG-HUGE FAMILY that now spreads aaaaaaaall across our home-Earth! And… LOVE; Love is and always be the perfect key to live our life in TRUE PEACE AND SECURITY… LOVE… shall take us all; it shall be our GUIDE to be Home Again

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            • Blacks voted Democrat last night……. at a NINETY PERCENT rate.

              Jews voted for Democrats at an EIGHTY PERCENT rate.

              • In the age of controlled media and internet live censoring which equals full control of communications… it would be totally silly to trust what info it gets “dished” out to the masses. Controlling communications for the “rancher”, is exactly what the system wants, because, if fairness or freedom of choice and speech was truly given… then rather than controlling or censoring, the goal would be opposite; it would be the nation’s goal to have a fully informed populace in order that their freedoms and the right to free-will choice would be properly exercised.

                But that is not what the “Bigger Picture” is showing us all; right? So, if the “bigger picture” and the evidence around do not match… can anyone really crazy enough to…[Read more]

              • well it’s a wide range of processed foods,,all the removed byproducts are the nutrients,vitamins,some fibre,,,which is then sold back to meat,farm industry, to add to animal feed,,they have the main overall value,you can’t sell sick animals,,,but you can sell depleted food to people,,remember zionist controlled food business do not consider people as human beings,,, jews are the only humans,everyone else is goyim chattle,,,

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