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    • Interesting to hear him place AMERICA AS AN ASSET! Because, has anyone looked up the meaning of the WORD ASSET? This word meaning is far, far, as far as it can possible get… from any RELIGIOUS OR EVEN FRIENSHIP CONSIDERATION. IT IS RIGHT DOWN RESTRICTED TO SELF GAIN VALUE, MONETARY, OR WORSE YET TO BE USED FOR POWER… which of course, once this is checked with the existing evidences aaaaaaaaaaaall around us; weeeeeell, is hard to be denied that bibi is telling the truth

      • assets (n.)
        1530s, “sufficient estate,” from Anglo-French assetz, asetz (singular), from Old French assez “sufficiency, satisfaction; compensation” (11c.), noun use of adverb meaning “enough, sufficiently; very much, a great deal,” from Vulgar Latin *ad satis “to sufficiency,” from Latin ad “to” (see ad-) + satis “enough,” from PIE root *sa- “to satisfy.”

        At first a legal word meaning “sufficient estate” (to satisfy debts and legacies), it passed into a general sense of “property,” especially “any property that theoretically can be converted to ready money” by 1580s. Figurative use from 1670s. Asset is a 19c. artificial singular. Corporate asset stripping is attested from 1972.
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        • :reading-038:The video clip for sure needs to be SHARED AND SAVED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Because, it is always good to know the “grounds” that any individual DOES STAND ON:wpml_yes: Yeap… no doubts about it.