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  • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update 1 year ago

    Here’s my latest finished work for my writing class. I had to put myself in a major historical event, but not an actual historical figure. I chose to place myself on the Titanic.

    I can hardly say I really knew Grandmother Willow, for we had only been formally introduced on one occasion. I was far from expecting the message that came for me on that cold, wet day in January: “Your grandmother is dying. She sends for you. You are to return home immediately.” Me? Why would she send for me? I was the least of her grandchildren, brought up in Southampton and currently living in America, far from the glamour of Society and she was so rich. I traveled home to London as quickly as I could and it seemed I made it just in time. Upon my…[Read more]

  • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update 1 year ago
    Just got home from Wilmington, NC & glad to be home!
    • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update 1 year ago

      Hello, everyone! It\’s been awhile, but I\’m finally back online 😉 I have been diagnosed with AFib after my second heart attack in early November.

    • Went to the dam this morning to get my orders & map for Barnhart & they tell me that due to the flood warning in Alton & Grafton, they need me to stay, just in case I\’m needed to \”secure\” the area… (\”Secure\” just means help organize relief efforts,if needed.)

    • Have to work at the dam all dam day 😔

      The Flood Warning continues for
      the Mississippi River at Mel Price LD
      * from Sunday evening until further notice.
      * At 9:30 PM Saturday the stage was 18.7 feet.
      * Flood stage is 21.0 feet.
      * Minor flooding is forecast.
      * The river is forecast to rise above flood stage Sunday evening and
      crest near 23.0 feet Tuesday afternoon.
      * Impact: At 23.0 feet …Dresser Island Drive floods within a foot of
      this level.

      Fld Latest 7 a.m. Forecast
      LOCATION Stg Obs Stg 09/09 09/10 09/11 09/12 09/13

      Mississippi River
      Mel Price LD 21.0 18.71 19.7 21.8 22.9 22.9 22.4

    • Meanwhile, in Grafton…

    • Nine days left till the end of the Season & there\’s supposed to be torrential rain all tonight through Tuesday…

    • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update

    • 13 days (& counting) until Flood Season 2018 officially ends 😁

    • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update

    • Visiting my husband\’s hometown of Killarney, Ireland 🙂

    • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update

    • James Cameron is going to make a sequel to his 1997 version of \”Titanic\”… Is a sequel really necessary…?

    • Just letting everyone know I made it to my destination safely, despite Amtrak’s best efforts… I never wanna ride HSR again…

    • Barely 15.00 & I\’m ready to go to bed… Between the pantry, the dam, the Center, up keeping 300 acres, motherhood, & trainings, even these mixed fruit smoothies I\’ve been drinking for energy aren\’t enough to keep me going. I need the 3 week vacation I\’ve got coming.

    • Pissed-off Patriot posted an update

    • My Citizen Oath Keepers unit has been called up to help keep the peace in Granite City tomorrow. President Trump\’s visit is expected to be met with plenty of protesters.

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