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  • You guys must be desperate trolling for users here…

  • Yes go join the site where you can get hacked and have words put in your mouth by the hacker coz. Or maybe he’ll make some terroristic threat using your account, who knows… You might wanna use a throw away email account, unless of course you like porn spam and nigerian scams filling your mailbox. Enjoy!

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    Next on RLM Radio: Smokin\’ Mirrors with @robwerks and quasimodo on – 2PM Eastern

  • Today on The Smokin Mirrors Show we will have Jennifer Ruby, a long time researcher of land patents. Her website is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Tune in and join us in the RLM chat. It should be a great show!

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    Thanks to @robwerks for sharing this over in the RLM Chat…..

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    Larry Woods brand new website I just set up for him. Sign up and support him.

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  • Coming up at 1pm central time, The Smokin\’ Mirrors Show with special guests Jerry Decker and Larry Woods. We will be discussing alternative technology, free energy, alt health and Larrys coil design. Hope you will join us and enjoy the show!

  • Jerry Decker will be my guest tomorrow for a special show from 1-3, along with Larry Woods. Jerry owns Keelynet and has been doing alt tech research since 1988 when he started the Keelynet BBS which evolved into the website. He has been kind enough to post the RLM site and plug the show. Hope to see you there!

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  • Coming up today on The Smokin Mirrors Show, We will have special guest Pat Baker on to discuss his land patent in Texas. What is a land patent and how does one go about claiming it, some of the pitfalls you might experience and reactions you may get from brainwashed statist revenuers. Thanks in advance everyone for listening and making this a great network! 😀

  • I now have guests lined up through the 21st.

    1-7 Eddie Craig will be on to discuss due process and traffic law.

    1-14 Pat Baker will be here to talk about his land patent and the process he went through to get it.

    1-16 A special edition show with Larry Woods and Jerry Decker. They will be on to talk about alt energy and Larrys\’ coil device.

    1-21 We will have Jennifer Ruby on to discuss her ongoing land patent process.

    Thanks to all who encouraged me and I hope we live up to your expectations.

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