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  • D\’s & D\’s, the continuing social contract with authority is a total failure. The lesson learned at TDT is, the bigger the crowd, the tighter the chains. This may be too simple for a sophisticated, well educated voter mind to handle. You got the pricks you deserve and you want these pricks to work with the pricks that think they own me. That is a bit naive….All this and 1,000 ways to cook a potato at TDT on RLM nOOn Eastern Time SaTURDays with my coHOSTage GramZ

  • Walking to Freddy-Town can be stressful…

  • Laws Laws Laws we need more fukin Laws we aint got enough Laws Laws Laws where are the Laws I want to be imprisoned in the land of Laws

  • Mary, try not to confuse a clever plan with a mistake that upsets a certain group of followers

  • Four score and seven hours ago our Dork Fathers set forth a new cryptocurrency designed to keep the cool kids away DorkCoin should do well on the financial market
    DorkCoin will not have a fiat currency base
    DorkCoin can only be owned by Dorks
    DorkCoin is not affiliated with any form of government
    DorkCoin can can not be bought or sold only trades will be accepted as a legal DorkCoin transaction

  • D\’s & D\’s, the recent british invasion and failed coupe de ta leaves us under the complete control of the Dorks…At TDT there are no leaders, no dues, fees or licenses and only one rule \”Do what you can live with\”…Trump has so many roads to choose from but he has settled on the weakest link in the central banking chain, North Korea…When he attacks Iran his Russian pal Vlad will probably not be pleased. Stay tuned as these and other social failures take shape…All this and the rising cost of sex robots at TDT on RLM SaTURDays at NooN Eastern Time with my guest HOSTage GramZ

  • @cunningham_tessa Go to the group, The Dork Table…have fun!

  • How much USA land has the fed confiscated through the war on Cannabis?

  • Four whores and seven beers ago, our shop keepers aligned with the government to destroy us from the inside out…but that german guy that sits on the english throne has nothing to do with it

  • DON’T PANIC! In big friendly letters

  • Free Energy My Ass…at TDT on RLM at nOOn eastern time SaTURDay with my coHOSTage Miss mOOsegurl

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