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  • DON’T PANIC! In big friendly letters

  • Free Energy My Ass…at TDT on RLM at nOOn eastern time SaTURDay with my coHOSTage Miss mOOsegurl

  • My fellow republicans, there comes a time in every mans life when the mass illusion called government superceeds any notion of reality, what this means is: Vote harder, hate others and bomb the shit out of the third world. You are doing fine, continue your good works…Gold and silver are being manipulated like a hooker at a Halloween apple bobbing contest, ya gotta love you some Rothschild for their strong arm control of the markets…I am holding Miss Mary hostage and defy you to free her…All this and the cure to male pattern baldness at TDT on RLM at nOOn eastern time with my coHOSTage GramZ

    • :q122:

    • I’m a true DORK alright, no doubts about it:q122::Laie_54:

      So, what does WINNIE THE POOH has to do with… the POPULOUS anywhere?

      It comes a time my beloved brothers and sisters that what it looks to be one thing for us/you/me… may be seen differently for, let’s say… the “originator”. Simply said, remember when we were little and the older kids had much fun laughing when they themselves or someone else play tricks on us… when we believed it? Perhaps are few the ones that can not understand how much it hurt when we/you/I found out. We/you/I have been tricked.:wpml_sad: Weeeeeell that just happened to me yesterday

      • Words can have different meaning, particularly in the English language which it makes it even easier for the Lying-one to take advantage of the double-talk, imply or implied information to draw others onto error, deception, demoralizing an entire nation and even the world… which can lead to giving up the battle, so to speak.

    • Many among us are already parents, soooooooo… therefore familiar with “BABY TALK”

      Yeap… I bet you already know where I’m going with it :wpml_mail::q122: Only… when I’m done writing… giving you my thoughts… it will be not that funny after all
      Because, when we/you/I consider:
      – who Walt Disney was
      – what “baby talk” is and what a child is communicating to his/her parents
      – the “older” siblings or other none so close related children… because, let’s face it no matter who we/you/I happen to be… everyone… every single one come from the same ROOT. A BRANCH from the same TREE ROOT
      – and of course let’s not forget what the EVIDENCES show, for the evidences help us untwist CONFUSION


      How did I arrived to such conclusion

      First by looking up word definitions, of course, no definition for WINNIE was found. However, it is a definition found for POOH

      Online Etymology Dictionary.- poo (n.) Look up poo at
      also pooh, baby-talk for “excrement,” 1950s (see poop (n.2)).

      …then, immediately came to mind one of my neighbor’s child from long ago! He was telling me, that my son… “he won’t give me a wick of his wawi pop”. The heck if I could understand him! But, his mother did understand fully and fast. She laughed looking at my puzzling expression on my face, then, she said to me… he is trying to tell you that your son doesn’t want to give…[Read more]

      • Making also a mockery of “…the land of milk and honey”, “… the promised land”, “…the streets of gold”, and so on.

        NOTICE CAREFULLY AT MINUTE 2:13 – 2:30

  • D\’s % D\’s, YO! at TDT on RLM at nOOn Eastern Time Saturdays with my coHOSTAGE Miss Mary

  • D\’s & D\’s, this week we will absorb the democrats & republicans into one group and they will from this day on be known world wide as the purples. It makes as much sense as what they are doing, but it is more colorful than a Liberace convention in Las Vegas during a gay pride parade…The similarities between these small sites and FB are astonishing and somehow FB gets all the traffic from the herd. I think it is the great advertising campaigns and free inoculations that make the difference…Sadly we at TDT support neither and have no audience for this particular social stand…All this and why Trump didn\’t marry a man at TDT on RLM at nOOn Eastern Time Saturdays with my coHOSTAGE Miss Mary

  • Ever notice how somebody elses opinion about something happening in your bathroom is never international news?

  • D’s & D’s, hold on to your tacos and burgers TDT is going to initiate the FIRESIDE chat portion of the program this week, yes in June we are not fighting, we are lighting up and exploring the far reaches of the statist mind with questions never dared asked at any time in history, possibly in the future too. The RLM chatterers will be voicing their facts and opinions to bring peace and prosperity to us all or maybe we will talk about BOOBS…The War Against Terror rages on with equal amounts of true and false to keep the masses at “lock us down for our safety” mode. Is Martial Law the new “fag”? What was once foreign is now common and sometimes living in your basement…All this and proof alians came to merica its called…[Read more]

  • D\’s & D\’s, in the wake of the upcoming WW III foreign powers are laughing their asses off as a washed up game show host runs around the world convinced he is in control of the USA. This fella has orange hair, a foreign wife and knows all the really good words, a sitting POTUS like none before him…The good news is, if he dies in office he will be replaced with another prick that makes him look kind and warm hearted…Hang onto your Bill of Rights americans, it looks like you will need them…All this and OJ Simpsons search for the real killers at TDT on RLM at NooN Eastern time on Saturdays with my COhostage GramZDork…

  • D\’s & D\’s, this week we will explore the great unknown! Not the great known or the great unknown known\’s or even the great known unknown known\’s. Folks Im talking about the mother of all deceptions, yes the great unknown. Not the unknown\’s or those nasty known unknown\’s…We will also be holding court to determine if you are of any further use to us in the slave labor market, it seems AI and robotics are making the labor force useless and obsolete…All this and Trumps cell number which might be next to hilldawgs if he continues to be a weak suck POTUS at TDT on RLM at NooN Eastern Time on Saturdays with my COhostAGE GramZ

  • Boron deficiency causes the parathyroids to become overactive, releasing too much parathyroid hormone which raises the blood level of calcium by releasing calcium from bones and teeth. This then leads to osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis, osteoporosis and tooth decay. With advancing age high blood levels of calcium lead to calcification of soft tissues causing muscle contractions and stiffness; calcification of endocrine glands, especially the pineal gland and the ovaries; arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, and calcification of the kidneys ultimately leading to kidney failure. Boron deficiency combined with magnesium deficiency is especially damaging to the bones and teeth.

  • Ds & Ds, in case you missed it last time we will review Judgement Day…Today will from this moment on be recognized as Judgement Day!! I will judge you, you will judge me and we will judge them, you will in turn judge me and they will be judging them, follow me here, I know what I\’m doing…If I get a majority judgement of 51% you will do as you are told, if we fall short with a pitiful 49% I will be the winner, I\’m sure all this is easy to follow, in politics we call it fuking the pooch…A recent study indicates my indoctrination thinks your indoctrination sux…All this and a free copy of the State is your Momma at TDT on RLM at NooN Saturdays with my coHOSTage Gramz…

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