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    Some men just want to watch the world burn – Some guy in a Batman movie

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    Artists, odd thinkers, designers, builders and anybody that has had enough

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    This will be a variety talk show with an emphasis on alternative/suppressed technology and free energy. Secondary emphasis on understanding law and ways to avoid or mitigate it’s oppressive effects.

    The show […]

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    FREE E-MAIL accounts.

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    You Know and I Know and You Know that I Know that You Know that We ALL Just LOVE to Push Buttons 😀 Buttons are Good…. Buttons are Useful….. and Buttons are just BEGGING to Be PUSHED….. So, Step out of that […]

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    A Group Page for RLM Radio Shows

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    Valid Reality Information to be used towards Languages for application in the proper use in the correct forum where and when they are used in Terms of Jurisdiction.
    [(Terminology, Definitions in Dictionary Terms, […]

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    Share articles, vids, knowledge, etc.. for Healing Naturaly. With the attack on Natural Healing by FDA and others, those with knowledge should help to teach others and pass on the knowledge before it is lost.

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