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  • Stay-at-home Mums deserve to be respected, not looked down upon!
    We made the decision for my wife not to go out into the workforce before we had children about 25 years ago and have not regretted it!
    Sure, we have a simple house and old cars (good ones though!), but we are far happier than we would have been with a mansion , new cars, crappy food and and estranged and possibly broken family!

  • Total immersion in sound….. No medication needed to relax!

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    Prospective recruits please note!

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    I have come across this information several years ago previously, and it flies in the face of the followers of the likes of Richard Dawkins and those who deny the existence of anything they cannot measure of perceive with their limited 5 senses.

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    We have reached this stage now; just look at the dependence on wireless devices like mobile phones for example, but fortunately there are exceptions and I for one think there is still hope for the Human species.

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  • To those who believe we never went to the Moon:
    You can believe what you like, I don\’t care, I am enjoying this!

  • A fascinating exploration of \’reality\’.

  • Truth that adults would be wise to accept!

  • Remember who we really are; a spirit housed temporarily in a physical body

    • Souls and Spirits are imaginary things. No body can see what the mind imagines because it doesn’t exist.

      Only the consciousness/the mind, ‘who’ we are, is Born and Born again. Only that which is born is subject to death.
      A prerequisite of Birth, is to not to have previously existed, ‘who’ we are is born very slowly. A requirement of death is to no longer exist. Our Bodies is ‘what’ we are. They are never ‘born’ but are delivered alive, they begin their spiritual/breathing lives with their first breath, and end them with their last. ‘What’ we are existed before delivery, and exists after the consciousness dies. Our bodies are recycled down into atoms to be redistributed in the cycle of life. Eternal life is only found in ‘what’ we…[Read more]

      • Hmmm…, where to start.
        This can be a complex subject.
        I do not have prove at hand for the existence of souls and spirits, and scientists do not have prove they do not exist, although they like to think they do!
        To me and many others souls/spirits are real, but then what is reality when apparently the whole Universe is a holographic illusion?
        Nothing real but vibrating fields of energy which scientists discovered using high powered electron microscopes.
        Looking at the issue from this angle, one can accept the possibility of a soul for example, which is nothing more of less than energy without a physical body.
        And encompassing all of this is what I call the Universal Consciousness , an intelligence not bound by the physical…[Read more]

        • Tony, no scientist will say they have proof of a negative claim. The burden of proof will ALWAYS be on the person that is making a positive claim. Scientists don’t have the incentive, the time, or the desire to prove that that something doesn’t exist, whether its Rainbow Farting Unicorns, Garden Elves, Souls, Spirits or Gods. The burden of proof will remain on those that make a positive claim that those things do exist.

          I am not trying to insult you Tony when I suggest that most of your comment is an appeal to ignorance — the claim that whatever has not been proved false must be true, and vice versa (e.g., There is no compelling evidence that UFOs are not visiting the Earth; therefore UFOs exist — and there is intelligent lif…[Read more]

          • Poor old Carl Sagan; he knew far more than he was prepared or allowed to say.
            And what is truth? What we can see or what can be measured?
            Our 5 senses can only perceive a fraction of what is there.
            Animals and children often aware of other things, but children are told to not be silly, there is no such thing and get back to indoctrination, err, study.
            If consciousness requires a body first, then what set in motion what scientists call evolution?
            Have a look at our body, for example, to me a well designed product of intelligence.
            To claim this all happened by accident takes a lot of faith…
            Telepathy; I do not want to insult you either, but I thought the existence of which was widely known.Twins are an example of this.
            My…[Read more]

            • Carl must have been prepared, because he said a lot for years and years, and who the fuck do you think wasn’t “allowing” Sagan to say everything he wanted to say Tony???? Show me proof/evidence of this infraction of OUR first Amendment… can’t.

              You are buying into the cons of pseudo science, science ‘fiction’, old wives tales, and Pretenders my friend.

              Ahhhh the old ‘intelligent design’ bullshit
              Your ignorance of a Scientific Theory [To claim this all happened by accident] for example, does NOT render that Theory invalid Tony. No where in the theory of Evolution and Natural Selection is a claim made that anything is “accidental”.

              If you would really like to know/understand the ins and outs of the facts…[Read more]

            • zblaze: The experiences of my wife for example cannot be put down to coincidence or hallucination, so how do you explain it?
              And speaking about ‘appearing into existence’ , what do you think happened during the Big Bang?
              Where did all this matter come from?
              From nothing?
              To me this makes more sense when realizing the vibrationary nature of ‘reality’, in other words, there is no solid matter , only we are programmed to decode the electrical fields so to experience this reality..
              Just remember too, that similar to the hypothesis in the video, a scientific theory is just that, a theory.
              And the laws of Nature are staring at us, undeniably, so where is the law giver?
              Or did things just ‘happen’?
              Methinks Dawkins and his…[Read more]

          • And then there is this; I wonder what Carl Sagan would have made of it…
            It also mentions consciousness giving rise to matter, or rather , the simulation of matter….

            • Of course it does Tony. It is Sci Fi and pseudo science man.

              At least they are honest about it being only a hypothesis. You know what that is right?

            • zblaze:
              When scientists looked through an electron microscope at maximum magnification, all they found was vibrating fields of energy, n o solid matter at all.
              Once you understand this, you may get an idea where I am coming from, so to speak.

    • How is it that hardly any major religion has looked at science and concluded, “This is better than we thought! The Universe is much bigger than our prophets said, grander, more subtle, more elegant”? Instead they say, ‘No, no, no! My god is a little god, and I want him to stay that way.’ A religion, old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the Universe as revealed by modern science might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. -Carl Sagan-

  • Neither me nor these fellows in the picture follow the Christian religion, ( I do not follow any), but that does not stop us from wishing others a Merry Christmas (holidays are always happy, so forget that politically ‘correct’ nonsense!).
    Above all, we must never lose our sense of humour; our present reality needs all the positive energy it can get!

  • Why Bashar al-Assad remains popular among the Syrian people


  • David Icke calls this epidemic the Silent Holocaust due to the destabilizing effects of the microwave radiation on the DNA and the high risk of developing cancer.

    The real Zombie apocalypse!

    • Youth is wasted on the Youth…in my day we just got wasted…and suffered the consequences…liked our wounds and GREW UP!

  • This has been on the agenda since the 1960s at least.
    Today the technology to pull this off exists…

    • I’ve always intuitively known this plan at least for the last 35 years. Crop/Crap Circles – Roswell etc…have all been part of the Nazi/NASA CIA/NSA plot paving the way for the NWO of a Totalitarian STATE…with a nice Alien Face. Jim Mars’ “Alien Agenda” is a good read to.

  • The wonders of our Universe!

    The Fibonacci Sequence in Nature

  • I feel sorry for those who opt for an abortion after ultra sound reveals their unborn child has Down Syndrome!
    We never had any unnecessary scans and our son Abraham is a healthy 21 year old now!

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