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  • The actual trucking industry carries a significant development in the final few decades. Annually a lot of new companies enter in this sector. But they will will need to learn about the income taxes they ought to […]
      • “Some teams that tend to be excused the HVUT comprise : The Federal Government. The American Red Cross. State or local governments, including the District of Columbia. Volume transport authorities.

        Nonprofit volunteer fire departments, ambulance associations…”

        Not surprising. Particularly so that includes ambulance assoc. … By the way, HOW MUCH COSTS AN AMBULANCE RIDE??? HOW ABOUT A HELICOPTER TRANSPORT TO A HOSPITAL??? And… trying to tell… that there is NO MONEY for them to pay their FAIR SHARE OF TAXES?
        Oh hell… the District of Columbia is once again exempt? Weeeell… how true are the words written long ago: “…who pays TAX, the king and “family” or the PEASANTS..?”
        Perhaps, the words are exact but we all know what is meant by it.

        • The mileages are the backbone of the IFTA report. Getting this wrong during the calculation is an invitation to IFTA audit and hefty penalties. Whether if you have a good understanding or not let us know the IFTA […]

              • …when was the smart-license plate that is possible for police to get the driver’s entire record at their finger tips? Was it not introduced in California not too far back?
                Of course one must not be surprised about it, because, so much of OUR PERSONAL PRIVATE DATA has been stored and now it is possible for LIVE-UP-DATES…. right? Of course! How then can one explain THE LIVE-CENSORSHIP going on within the INTERNET = WEB????

                    • …for truckers it also much of computerization has been done lately, for “their protection and safety”… right? Or is it for LIVE-CONTROLLING?!:wpml_scratch:

                    • Miles are very important in IFTA audit. Obtaining or calculating wrongly can result in unwanted fines and IFTA audit. Whether if you’ve got a good understanding or not let us know the IFTA mileages in detail in […]

                            • …for those among us who may not know or heard…what IFTA is:reading-038:

                              “Everything you need to know about IFTA
                              Jimmy Rodela — January 27, 2019”

                              “…list of the states and provinces that are members of the IFTA agreement: ………
                              United States of America

                              All states except for Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia” (from article)

                                • …not a surprise but a REMINDER to us all about who is not dumb enough to apply rule, regulations, laws and so on… onto itself
                                  …which brings back the question to an old long time said words: “WE THE PEOPLE” AND “…A GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”…. what do they really mean and to which group of individuals it applies?

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