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  • Working-Words and Glue-Words. How to Unstick Your Sentences.

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    Having lost his shiny fiddle made of gold and flat-broke,
    the devil went to Jamaica.. He was looking to sell some weed!! ♫

  • “Harney County is coming to the defense of the Hammonds, the father-and-son ranchers pardoned last year by President Trump and now fighting to maintain a 10-year permit to graze cattle on federal land outside Burns.”

    Many of the people living in the state’s largest county rely on ranching and agriculture to fuel the regional economy and are watching closely to see how the jurisdictional battle plays out and what it could mean for them.

    Some see the lawsuit by the Western Watersheds Project, the Center for Biological Diversity and Wildearth Guardians as more unwanted attention from outside agitators, especially given that it involves the Hammonds – whose case inspired both the refuge occupation and the latest court fig…[Read more]

  • Is the Cap and Trade (HB 2020) Carbon Tax (Pay to Pollute) Legislation Dead on the Floor in the Current Oregon Senate Session or Just Playing Possum? Oregon Republican lawmakers say they are “not taking any chances.”

    THE BATTLE FOR THE AMERICAN WEST could be ‘called (…) the “clash between two American dreams.”

    Oregon Standoff – Senate Republican Walkout | Update on the Bundy Ranch et al. and Finicum Wrongful Death Lawsuit Court Cases.

    [Read more]

  • Oregon Standoff – Senate Republican Walkout. + Update on the Bundy Ranch​ et al. and Finicum Wrongful Death Suit.
    A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II
    Next on Friday, June 28th at 1pm ET
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  • I was there when @ACullenphoto took this photo. He gave me a ride back to my camp in Riverside after a day together with Cliven Bundy. Stopping on the way for some pics of the Virgin River. I said to him that I should take more pictures. He said, “Me Too.

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      • The Black and White in Your Eyes -> On Now -> The Notice in the NEWS from #BehindTheWoodshed @RLM_Radio @FreedomsNetwork @BarMan_RLM @PonderGander @BehindaWoodshed
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