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    This will be a variety talk show with an emphasis on alternative/suppressed technology and free energy. Secondary emphasis on understanding law and ways to avoid or mitigate it’s oppressive effects.

    The show […]

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    FREE E-MAIL accounts.

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    Some men just want to watch the world burn – Some guy in a Batman movie

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    You Know and I Know and You Know that I Know that You Know that We ALL Just LOVE to Push Buttons 😀 Buttons are Good…. Buttons are Useful….. and Buttons are just BEGGING to Be PUSHED….. So, Step out of that […]

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    Artists, odd thinkers, designers, builders and anybody that has had enough

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    A Group Page for RLM Radio Shows

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    Valid Reality Information to be used towards Languages for application in the proper use in the correct forum where and when they are used in Terms of Jurisdiction.
    [(Terminology, Definitions in Dictionary Terms, […]

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