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    • It isn’t easy to change a culture of violence. You have to give people the structural, economic, technological and political means to regulate their relationships peacefully. Social groups have to learn to shame and shun anyone who hurts others. But it can be done. It has been done in the past, and it is happening as we speak.

      Cultures do change. Globally, violence is on the decline. People everywhere are finding ways to satisfy their moral motives and social-relational aims non-violently. This does not mean our work is finished. People still hurt and kill one another because they believe that it is the right thing to do. But if their primary social groups make them feel that they should not be violent, they won’t be. Once eve…[Read more]

    • “…Globally, violence is on the decline.”

      What huge pile of BULL Truly, the is piling up so high that one must graduate from an ordinary shovel to a BULLDOZER An that is no joke whatsoever.

      • Obviously you’ve taken something out of context and then displayed ignorance of what the article is about with your typical rant. Get a grip estrella, read the whole article first.

        “Most of us will never engage in an act of extreme brutality. We will never shoot, stab, or beat someone to death. We will never rape another human being or set them on fire. We will never strap a bomb to our chests and detonate ourselves in a crowded café. And so, when faced with these seemingly senseless acts, we find ourselves at a loss. What possible purpose could they serve? Fundamentally, why do people hurt and kill one another?

        It sounds like an unanswerable question. Yet there is an answer. It is simple, powerful and very disturbing. We fail…[Read more]

  • @zblaze http://yournewswire.com/putin-geoengineering-warfare/

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  • After pushing gun control and open borders, the Pope now goes all-in for LGBT… 5min vid (Black Jesuit Pope is a Satanist, imo, or @Zblaze approved)

    • “…THE SON OF PERDITION”. Nasty wicked man, he perhaps has not endorsed pedophilia however, he does protect and excuse the pedophiles within his own church.

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    • These are not simply obscure academic issues. Our inability to make vitamin C caused the death of millions of our forebears from scurvy. Poor drainage in our meandering sinuses causes frequent and painful infections. We are evolved to survive and reproduce, but not necessarily to be healthy, comfortable, or happy.

      Even our powerful minds, supposedly our crowning achievement, are anything but perfect. The biggest threats we now face are purely of our making. Because evolution does not make long-term plans, neither do we: We jump to conclusions, think only of the short term, ignore evidence we don’t like, and fear and despise those who are different from us. And unlike external testicles, which are merely inconvenient, these are f…[Read more]

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    • Heretofore confined to specific fields of activity, AI research now seeks to bring about a “generally intelligent” AI capable of executing tasks in multiple fields. A growing percentage of human activity will, within a measurable time period, be driven by AI algorithms. But these algorithms, being mathematical interpretations of observed data, do not explain the underlying reality that produces them. Paradoxically, as the world becomes more transparent, it will also become increasingly mysterious. What will distinguish that new world from the one we have known? How will we live in it? How will we manage AI, improve it, or at the very least prevent it from doing harm, culminating in the most ominous concern: that AI, by mas…[Read more]

    • Facebook said that requests there came from Turkey’s communications authority, courts, ministry of health, and other government entities. The content was restricted according to the Turkey’s Internet Act, which “covers a range of offenses including personal rights violations, personal privacy, defamation of [the country’s founder, Kemal] Atatürk, and the unauthorized sale of regulated goods,” Facebook said. The law, which the advocacy group Human Rights Watch calls “draconian,” has resulted in tens of thousands of Turkish websites being blocked in recent years. The bulk of the Facebook posts from Turkey were restricted because of “private reports related to defamation,” which also fall under the Internet Act, a Facebook spokesper…[Read more]

    • “You know, I’m not actually intimidated by the Bible being there,” Fiend says. “I’m offended. It’s not appropriate to have the Bible on the registration table like that. I know that people vote in churches. That’s different. A poll worker chose to put this Bible on the table and have it facing the voter. I realize that as an atheist, I’m in the minority in this country, and I normally don’t say anything to anyone about this kind of stuff. But this time, I had to put my foot down.”

    • In the email alert, Lane uses a great deal of false and misleading information to argue that the U.S. is a Christian nation and that Christianity should be adopted as the “official religion of America.”

      In the alert, Lane rails against secularism and secularists, apparently unaware or unwilling to admit that the U.S. is a nation founded upon secular values.

      However, Lane’s inaccurate and misleading remarks are not surprising, given his sordid history. Lane is notorious for making offensive, misleading, and historically inaccurate statements. For example:

      “The separation of church and state is a “lie” and a “fabricated whopper” used to stop “Christian America – the moral majority – from imposing moral government on pagan p…[Read more]

    • …sooooo, is that the photo that will go on the usa flag? Really? Is it not the photo of the pope’s nephew? Check it out zblaze… it will not be hard to find out which pope relative pose for the pictures/photos.
      If that is the one to go on the flag… that is about right, because after all… is ti not the vatican/rome/pope who has control over the ONE WORLD RELIGION?

      • I don’t think it will be going on the US Flag. Or at least not in our lifetime.

      • LMAAO There was no mention of a photo being put on the flag, you goofs.

        It’s a meme representing the movement of the religious right to turn this country into a Theocracy.

        It will be one over my dead body!!

        That’s not the pope’s nephew, for Christ’s Sake….That’s JEEBUS silly.

    • zblaze… relative to which pope
      MINUTE 3:19 – 3:40

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    It’s NOT okay to say ‘The Earth Is Flat’

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    I only want the wall to keep @Zblaze on the other side of it. Wink.

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    • Perhaps most buyers and sellers of healing crystals don’t see a problem with sourcing stones from Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo, or from industrial-scale copper mines in America. But Abouzelof believes that, once consumers start to become aware, that won’t be the case. “There’s a huge battle ahead,” she said. “People are waking up.”

    • Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council and recent appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, compared tolerating transgender people to allowing someone to jump off a building to their death.

      On yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Perkins fielded a call from a listener who compared identifying as a transgender person to identifying as a cat. Perkins thanked the caller for making that point before offering his own analogy aimed at delegitimizing transgender people, similar to the way anti-equality conservatives in the 2000s equated same-sex marriage with bestiality.

    • The author of a book claiming that the Holocaust was orchestrated by gay men who ran the Nazi party will appear on a Massachusetts gubernatorial primary ballot later this year after garnering enough support at the Republican party’s state convention last week. Scott Lively will now face off with incumbent governor Charlie Baker in September’s primary.

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