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    • Johnno George slammed Red Hill Greek Orthodox Church, on the Mornington Peninsula, in a post online.

      “I went with an open heart to celebrate the Virgin Mary — instead I got a hate speech about anti gay marriage and how he would shoot dead anybody who was gay and wanted to be married with a gun he keeps in the back.”

      “My church completely let me down today,” he wrote.

      “You may have your own view of gay marriage but to talk about shooting people dead because of their sexual orientation is absolutely disgusting.

      “It was made very clear to me I was not welcome in the house of God.”

      • Tis bloody crazy, this plebiscite ( glorified postal opinion poll) is dividing the country. Some time back when little Johnny Howard was PM he had the law changed to make the word marriage mean a man and a woman…no plebiscite, no consultation with the public, just went ahead and did it. To change it again to include same sex partners apparently needs a peoples opinion poll, costing over $100mil. Laws have been created also to ‘take care’ of the villifiers on both sides….